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By Judy and Don Thomas

Check facts for yourself


To the Editor:

Last week’s letter-writer on the subject of the presidential election clearly understands that when falsehoods are repeated often, enough folks start to believe them. To reply to each supposed fact in that letter would take more newspaper space that we’re allowed. But for those interested in reading different perspectives, here are a few web sites you might like to explore. (Don’t have internet access? Go to the library and a librarian will help you.)

For “eight years of failed Democrat policies,” just Google the words Obama’s accomplishments. See if you agree that these are good things or not.

For “the national debt is a disgrace,” try (We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

For “Hillary should be jailed for mishandling information,” try the information at

For “the Clinton Foundation is a scam,” Google the words the Clinton Foundation. This will bring you several well-balanced articles, including some criticism of the foundation (and all other such organizations).


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