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By Jim Fritchey
White Salmon 

Make some sense this November


To the Editor:

I would like to encourage everyone to vote Republican in November. Vote the Trump/Pence ticket for president and help save our country. We cannot survive another four years of Hillary and Obama’s policies.

Our governor, Jay Insley, and his cohorts in Olympia are proposing s state income tax plus another increase in the gasoline tax. They never get enough money. Stop this by electing Bill Bryant as our new governor.

Re-elect Gina McCabe for State Representative.

Elect Amanda Richards for State Senate.

Re-elect Rex Johnston as County Commissioner District 1. (Can anyone imagine activist Pat Arnold as your Commissioner?)

Re-elect Jim Sizemore as County Commissioner District 2 and Ray Mosbrucker as PUD Commissioner. These people have all done a great job for Klickitat County in and out of elective office.

Vote no on the 20-year Parks and Recreation Levy. This group still owes over $16,000 to Klickitat County on the last two failed attempts. Where does it end?

Vote No on measure 1491.


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