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Celebrate local control


o the Editor:

This week we celebrate Public Power Week, Oct. 2 through the 8th.

Seventy-eight years ago, the citizens of Klickitat County decided they wanted to run their own electric system. They didn’t do this to lower rates. Today’s rates are about the same as Pacific Power, the company we had previously.

The reason citizens voted to run our own power company was for local control. We didn’t want to have someone from Portland or Kansas City making decisions that affected the very livelihood of our County. Not long ago, when you wanted a bank loan, you could meet up with the bank president downtown and lay out your case. They knew you and your family and made decisions on your reputation in the community, not just your bank balance and rating from a national agency known for the glitches in their system.

The jobs created from a hometown business where the managers, accountants, engineers, and lineworkers work and live, make our community a better place. This means we have people dedicated to giving us the best service they can. When a major storm occurs and the lights go out, across the river Pacificorp dispatches a crew from Beaverton. And as long as they aren’t diverted to someplace deemed more important, they can be here in a couple of hours. Here in Klickitat County our guys have been on the job working at fixing the problem as soon as they heard someone was without power. When a resident of our county has a problem with their utility service they can talk directly to the person responsible. I have personally witnessed customers with issues going to the Corner Chevron talking to the president of the board, not something you can do just anywhere. This is the value of Public Power and of us running our own power company.

Take advantage of your heritage. Celebrate our own local power company. Owned by the citizens of Klickitat County.


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