By David West

Tax King must go


To the Editor:

Referring to our state budget Senator King has previously taken the position “we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.” Very true, as the current budget is projected for about $3.4 billion more revenue than the previous budget. Mr. King has become part of the spending problem. He is rated the 6th biggest spender in the state senate.

As chair of the Transportation Committee he brought us the second highest gas tax in the nation. But that was not enough, the bill included increased taxes/fees on virtually anything connected to transportation.

We pay at the gas station, as we license anything, and again when businesses charge us more because of their increased cost.

Many of his campaign contributors will make millions of dollars from the Transportation Bill.

It can be a fine line between contributions and buying influence.

The voters of this district made our opinion very clear when 76 percent made an advisory vote to repeal the taxes. Mr. Tax King has lost the concept of representative government, lost to the point he makes the analogy we are children, he knows best, and sometimes must make decisions for us.

What intolerable arrogance.

He represents himself as Republican. Yet, his campaign signs came out with no indication of party preference, and many still do (in violation of campaign laws).

His website makes only a vague reference to a Senate Republican Caucus. He also endorsed and fundraised for a Democrat for Lieutenant Governor, while there were four Republicans running for that office. Apparently he cannot to be trusted by taxpayers, voters, or Republicans.

Income tax will again be proposed for our state. Do you trust which way Mr. Tax King will vote?

Amanda Richards will never be part of the “spending problem.”

Amanda Richards has my endorsement for Senate.


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