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By Lyle Ferch

Local Hillary is not transparent


I see that Pat Arnold—the Hillary Clinton of Trout Lake—is trying to recycle her campaign for County Commissioner by running against Rex Johnston, the incumbent of several years. I believe she ran the last time in 2004 and lost that race particularly because of her association with radical environmental groups. I received a flyer in the mail from Arnold’s campaign listing several of her qualifications as she claims them to be.

Her flyer indicates that she is running as an independent, but she had to resign her position as a Democrat precinct committee officer just before she filed for this election; that hardly makes her an independent. The person appointed by the Democratic Party to fill her vacancy has a Democrat precinct committee officer is also Pat Arnold’s campaign person; however, Pat tries to claim she’s an independent. This certainly doesn’t sound like a transparent disclosure. People of Klickitat County would be interested in knowing the truth.

She lists as community service her association with friends of the White Salmon River. This is a group of environmentalists that was responsible for the removal of the Condit dam by continual lawsuits and harassment of the power company. How much consideration did she give to the people who had homes on the lake? The lake was drained, the wells went dry, and those homes lost millions of dollars in value. She didn’t care about the citizens on the river because her agenda was to blow the dam. The result was a washed-out marina downstream, destroyed spawning beds for years, and now a bumper crop of eel swimming up the river. Thanks, Pat.

She was instrumental in suing the county over zoning around BZ Corner forcing tens of thousands of dollars of legal expense on county residents, but she didn’t care; she and her radical environmentalist Associates in the Friends of the White Salmon River filled their agenda.

I remember some sage advice that my father gave me that I believe to be incredibly accurate, and it goes like this: “You are, or you become like, those you choose to hang out with.” Pat has maintained a strong association with most all of the radical environmental groups in the mid-Columbia region promoting their obstructive agendas. Any vote for Pat Arnold is automatically a vote to put the Columbia River Gorge commission, the Friends of the White Salmon River, the River Keepers, the Columbia Gorge Audubon Society, the Central Cascades Alliance, and other radical groups on our county commissioner board.

And of course this brings up the question of how much of Pat’s campaign contributions came from the money acquired over the last 25 years from the lawsuit against the old RABANCO landfill. My question: is Klickitat County’s old nemesis, Dennis White, still trying to buy his way onto the Klickitat County Board of commissioners? I am asking Pat to publicly disclose the source of her campaign contributions.

Pat Arnold appears to be the least transparent candidate ever to run in Klickitat County.


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