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By Brittany Allen

Little Paris: a salon run on shear inspiration


Brittany Allen

A LITTLE PARIS KIND OF CARE: Vanessa Ladiges (back left) and Dana Allen (back right) work on a client's hair while Lynette Enstad (front left) prepares for a manicure with Holly Hill (front right).

Though the business has changed hands a few times since its transformation from barber shop to salon back in 1967, Little Paris seems to have kept a leg up on the cosmetology scene.

Currently owned by Brian and Lynette Enstad, Little Paris has only had two other owners in their almost 50 years. The shop moved to its current location in the mid 1970s and the Enstads took ownership in 2000. As of now, four stylists work at the shop, all with their own story of how they were inspired to work there and be a part of the community.

"We just love serving the community," Lynette says while Vanessa foils a woman's hair in the salon. "It's all about them (the clients). And we try to make it feel like that."

Brian, a Goldendale native with a desire to return, is who spurred Lynette's involvement with the shop. According to Lynette, about 24 years ago, she just walked into Little Paris, totally unsuspecting, ended up talking with the then owner Maxine in an impromptu interview, and was hired to be a stylist at the shop then and there. In the years following, she would end up meeting Vanessa Ladiges-who has now been a stylist at Little Paris for almost 19 years.

"I always wanted to do hair since I was really little," Vanessa says in a break between appointments. She actually first became acquainted with the shop because her mother had her hair done there and then Vanessa eventually got her hair done by none other than Lynette herself.    

Dana Allen has given the most time to the shop of those currently on staff; she has been there now for about 27 years. She and Lynette have gotten to work together on and off throughout their time at Little Paris, even covering for each other in the years when both were off intermittently for maternity leave. Dana is actually from a family of hairdressers and barbers, dating back 12 generations, and while she was in high school would come into the shop and sweep floors while her mother worked there.

"It's like no other place," Dana says of the small, tight-knit community aspect of Goldendale. "The community supports us, and we try to support them. Because we're in this small area, we're part of everything. "

Dana and stylist Holly Hill share a relationship similar to that of Lynette and Vanessa-Dana gave Holly her first haircut. Holly has now been with Little Paris for about 14 years.

The staff at Little Paris pride themselves on not only their determination to continue their education in cosmetology for the sake of staying current, but on creating a welcoming environment where they can put those acquired skills to use in order to give back to their community.

Recently, Holly actually threw a small party in the salon for one of her regulars who turned 90.

Little Paris is usually open between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but mostly they are available by appointment.

"I think that we're really accommodating to our clients' far as times for our clients. We've been known to come in on a Saturday, or early in the morning if needed...whatever fits them," Holly says. "I think we're all on the same page of keeping our business strong with the community. It's not just a business or a job to us; it's our life. We love it, and we care about our clients."  

For more information, you can stop by or call the shop at 773-4811 or check them out on Facebook at


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