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By Deborah K. Olson
White Salmon 

An important name


What does a lieutenant governor  do and why should I care? It turns out the lieutenant governor presides over the state senate and sits on the rules committee which helps determine which legislation moves forward. That makes it a very important position as Washington has a divided government: Democrats hold the governorship and a one-seat majority in the state house. Republicans hold a one-seat majority in the state senate. That’s why I’m supporting Cyrus Habib, a popular state representative who was then elected to the state senate by a 65 percent to 35 percent margin in 2014. 

As State Senator for the Redmond district near Seattle he has supported paid sick leave, allowing public testimony by video, better political representation for minorities, regulating ride-share companies, and improving education access for students with disabilities. He believes guns should be banned in the entire Capitol, including the senate chambers. He has an 100 percent rating by Washington Conservation voters who are endorsing him along with the Washington Education Association, the Washington State Labor Council and others.

Washington State Republicans have been wasting time on anti-choice, anti-trans legislation, dragging their feet on education funding, and abruptly firing the state's pro-transit transportation secretary because they were mad about toll lanes. 

Cyrus Habib’s opponent Marty McClendon is a far-right conservative who offers untenable Tea Party platform solutions such as eliminating the IRS, shutting down the Affordable Care Act, and pursuing energy exploration without regard to the environment. 

Its important we support a Lt. Governor  who represents the values of Washingtonians. Vote Habib in November.


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