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By Darlene Daggett
White Salmon 

It's common sense


Lyle Ferch’s letter to the editor two weeks ago was nonsense. It wasn’t even full of “half truths”—just no truth.

Pat Arnold has worked hard to restore the White Salmon River but that is not a radical effort. PacifiCorp took the dam down because it didn’t want to pay to make the upper river accessible to fish. Nobody has ever accused PacifiCorp of being radical.

Now that the dam is down, spawning salmon are returning upriver at a much faster rate than expected. Just take a look at the fishermen anchored at the mouth of the river.

I support Pat’s approach to protecting river shorelines. It is a long-range look at preserving our environment for our grandchildren. It is not radical. It is common sense.

Pat has a long history of working with farmers and orchardists and making a living by working on her own land. She is an energetic, tireless worker with a real world view of what it takes to run a small business. I urge you to vote for her and her common sense approaches.


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