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By Sean Guard
Mayor City of Washougal 

The extra mile


This letter is being written with wholehearted support for State Sen. Curtis King (R-14th) in his reelection bid to the State Senate.

I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing Sen. King since 2009 when I was first elected. A portion of Sen. King’s district comes to the northeast side of Washougal and also includes portions of the Washougal School District.

I have always found the senator to be open and willing to discuss issues that impact our community. While he has only a small percentage of his constituents here in Washougal, he always makes them feel like they are the most important ones in his district. I think that speaks well of the type of Senator that he is, genuinely concerned and helpful.

I particularly recall a Washougal School District facilities planning meeting on an evening in 2014. I arrived at the community-wide meeting to find Sen. King already in attendance. He was not up for re-election; he was simply interested in the happenings within these schools in his district, and he made the three-hour drive to attend. He stayed and actively participated during the whole meeting.

On a personal note, I have had many opportunities to interact with Sen. King on both city and personal business industry topics. He has always been very gracious with his time and he takes the time to follow-up and be sure that our needs are being addressed.

I urge you to cast your vote for Sen. Curtis King.


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