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Unfit to lead


There are many reasons to not vote for the Democrat’s candidate for president. First and foremost for me as a military vet, is Benghazi. I ask you, ‘What past, present, or future veteran would ever want to follow Hillary into battle?’ In my opinion, not one! Her actions relating to Benghazi speak for themselves.

In the despicable aftermath of the attacks in Benghazi, we learned that four honorable Americans were tortured and killed, repeated calls for help were denied, lies were made to the American people and the families of the fallen, and blame placed on a video was the standard story. As Secretary of State she demonstrated her inability to make grave decisions in the heat of battle. In my mind that has forever disqualified her for Commander in Chief.

This one issue alone should be enough to cast a dark cloud of doubt on her fitness to lead this country during a world in chaos.

Support the military! Vote Trump for national security!


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