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By Dawn Stover
White Salmon 

Vote for real transparency


In an election season filled with nastiness and lies, I probably shouldn’t be surprised that Lyle Ferch is spreading false rumors about Pat Arnold’s campaign funding. But I thank Mr. Ferch for bringing up the issue of transparency, because it is an area where Pat’s opponent has fallen short—and where Pat would bring some much-needed sunshine.

Like so many campaign lies, Ferch’s false statements can be easily fact-checked by anyone willing to take a few minutes to learn the truth. Just go to the website run by our state’s Public Disclosure Commission ( and look up the candidates by name. You’ll see that Pat Arnold has opted for “full reporting,” which means that she is filing frequent, detailed campaign reports on contributions and expenditures—and you can view them online. Pat’s opponent Rex Johnston, on the other hand, has chosen to do “mini reporting” and has not yet disclosed any information about his campaign financing.

Pat would bring similar transparency to the Klickitat Board of County Commissioners, so that we can hold our elected representatives accountable for how they spend taxpayer money. Our county cannot afford to keep bankrolling failed efforts that have cost millions of dollars and done nothing to help constituents. For example: the unsuccessful attempt to prevent a private property owner from removing a dam, the repeated efforts to push through a flawed Husum-BZ zoning plan, and the recent $500,000 contribution toward the Klickitat PUD’s ill-conceived proposal to build two new reservoirs at a contaminated industrial site. Klickitat County is spending thousands of dollars every month to retain outside attorneys, and throwing money at a boundary dispute that could be resolved more economically through diplomacy. With Pat Arnold as a Commissioner, we’ll have a much clearer picture of how our money is being spent—and leadership on constructive projects that deliver more bang for the buck.

Along with transparency and diversity, Pat will also bring the collaborative spirit and sense of fairness that she has brought to her previous work in agriculture and land-use planning. Pat is all about bringing together a broad range of interests, listening hard, and helping people find common ground. That’s exactly what we need in government in 2016.


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