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By Chris Connolly

What's in it for us?


Two weeks at the Husum County Commissioner debate the candidates were asked, “Do you support the Mt. Adams Parks and Rec District levy proposition?” Rex Johnston answered, “No, there’s nothing in it for me.”

Silly me, I was under the impression that public service was about what was in it for the communities who elect you.

So Rex Johnston, our current county commissioner, has no interest in representing the need for senior or youth community activities. He sees no need to support after school activities for kids who aren’t athletes or can’t afford to participate in school sports.

In our rural Klickitat County there are few programs that reach out to the communities in such diverse and welcoming ways as the Parks & Rec program does.

Any activities that help our seniors live fuller and healthier lives, or that creates safe and productive activities for youth who have little to choose from are good for me. Regardless of whether or not I directly participate in them. It is little price to pay for big benefits.

Heck, I pay taxes that support the school system yet I no longer have kids in school. I consider it an indirect and indispensable benefit to me, our county, and our country.

I am voting Yes for the Parks & Rec levy, and I am voting for Pat Arnold for county commissioner. Both pledge to make my community better for all.


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