By Steve Kenny

Why I'm a conservative


I grew up in the rust belt, born of middle class parents, father a union truck driver, mother a college-educated teacher. My father is one of seven siblings in an Irish Catholic family. My mother is one of four siblings in an Eastern European Orthodox Christian family from coal country near Johnstown, Penn. My grandfather was a union worker for U.S. Steel for decades. By all accounts and stereotypes, I and most of my family should be Democrat, yet we are not.

I never ignored or forgot my family history but celebrated it and wore it as a badge of honor. I proudly feel my family contributes several small fibers in the rich fabric of American history. Until recently, I could not adequately verbalize reasons for my conservatism. It is clear to me now the traditional core values that hold together the American tapestry mandated my moral conservatism. Now before you progressives and socialists roll your eyes and dismiss my metaphor, consider the following. All political parties, races, religions, sexes, and age groups in the US have and deserve their place in the tapestry. It is not the fibers which indeed provide the richness of it that are pertinent to my point. It is the strong interweaving pattern and overall design holding it together that draws my attention and awe. This pattern and design is a shared moral code on which we had been able to rely. Each of us could go about our daily lives assuming that the vast majority of people we’d run into would behave in an honest way with respect and integrity. For any who did not, we had usually felt confident that law enforcement and the legal system would provide protection and remedy. Party affiliation mattered not.

The basic moral code is eroding where the fabric is tearing apart by itself. To make things worse mostly Democrats are yanking on the tapestry. They tear at the tapestry in the recently leaked DNC official emails showing the hiring of agitators to incite violence at Trump rallies. George Soros funded BLM tears the tapestry by lying about police shootings and stirring up riots. Our president and numerous black leaders rip the fabric by race baiting to create chaos to increase African-American voter turnout. Hillary’s team at the DNC savagely rips at the tapestry by sabotaging Bernie Sanders to win the primary. Hillary’s campaign divides the nation into groups that are pitted against one another, men versus women, black versus white, Hispanic versus white, on and on. Hillary sets the tapestry aflame by setting up a secret and private email server in and attempt to avoid freedom of information requests. Hillary throws gasoline on the fabric by exchanging classified information with her staff (most not cleared to see it), top US officials, and President Obama, on an unsecured email server that puts individuals and national security at risk in an arrogant, above-the-law, self-serving way. And quite possibly the worst, the former watchdogs, the news media, block the doors to tapestry defenders and firemen by not only ignoring the crimes, dishonesty, and pervasive corruption, but by also protecting and promoting the central figure of the corruption, Hillary!

I am conservative because I know the country can only survive if the vast majority of its citizens have a basic morality that prevents them from entering business transactions with the intent of getting one over on the customer, business, or business partner. I am conservative because I know the country will collapse when our leaders represent only themselves and not their constituents. I am conservative because I believe in our need to trust in our fellow citizens, the businesses we patronize, law enforcement, the legal system, our government officials, our teachers, and our neighbors regardless of political affiliation. Because of what I now see, I cannot trust most of them. The Democrat Party clearly despises the beautiful American tapestry.


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