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By Susan Kelsey

Women: don't fall for it


Time for women to wake up and see the big picture! After Trump’s “locker room” sexual leak and his apology, I was asked how can you support such a blatant sexist? My reply was, I see the big picture and I will not be misled, misdirected, or manipulated by the Democratic Party and mainstream media.

Make no mistake, we all know that there is a battle for the woman’s vote. Do you think this was a random leak? It was perpetrated to discredit Trump and sway votes to Clinton. The real question isn’t “How can you vote for Trump” but what the two party platforms stand for. The Democratic platform wants to change America, change the constitution, continue to take the power from the American people and give it to the government so that the elite can rule the mass. To vote for the Clintons is putting Bill Clinton back in the White House after being impeached for worse sexual crimes against women. Hypocrisy!

I vote Republican for maintaining our constitution, keeping our individual rights and liberties, securing our borders, and bringing balance to the Supreme Court. I encourage all women to be informed voters.


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