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By Leo Spencer

Peel back the layers


As the election gets closer, and as the layers of the media “group think” are peeled back, it is becoming more apparent that the American people are being treated as dairy cattle, kept fat and happy, so as to not disrupt the flow of milk to the herd’s owners.

An individual’s wealth is measured in more than money. “Wealth” includes how you feel about yourselves, your satisfaction with your accomplishments with life, and the security that you have in knowing that you can handle the things that life throws at you. A person with a large amount of wealth is a threat to a society that depends on people with little wealth to show up every day at the feeding trough. In that way, the hand that doles out the hay and grain controls the herd. We have never had an election that so starkly shows the contrast between these two schools of thought.

Do yourselves and your family a favor, by taking a few minutes to research Venezuela’s current situation, and how life will look when we depend on the hands that dole out our hay and grain.


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