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By Jim Rich

America is Great


The political wars are over and America has chosen a new president. How will he make America great again? In my opinion, Mr. Trump could address three issues that would save America millions of dollars.

First, I would like to see the money (our tax dollars) being spent on foreign aid to be kept in our country. We have so many programs that need funding in our country that I have a hard time seeing the sense of giving money away to foreigners.

Second, I think we need a constitutional amendment that states that Congress shall make no laws their members are immune from and its members shall be paid according to the Public Servants scale of all other federal employees. We have enabled Congressmen to set up an elite membership with their private healthcare and retirement programs. Getting rid of their costly programs would save money and make them less elite. They pass laws for us to follow which do not affect them.

Third, the health insurance industry needs to be regulated so they cannot opt out of any national universal health program. The recent increase in healthcare costs are due in part to insurance companies’ maneuvering. They need to be controlled for the good of, and pocketbooks of, Americans.

Whatever Mr. Trump is able to accomplish, I hope it benefits all citizens equally. That would make America great. In my opinion, America has always been great so it cannot be made great again.


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