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An open letter to Goldendale Mayor Mike Canon and the City Council


I would like to better understand the proposed idea to sell one of our natural resources, water, which the City currently has the rights on. Before we the people can have an input on the matter, we must also know the background that leads up to this potential action.

1. Under what pretense/form were the water rights secured for the City of Goldendale? Did the city purchase, lease, or grandfather-in the wells and springs? Were the water rights secured for the people who live in the city, or for the industrial area? Or was the action due to a concern about future drought? Who was the city manager and in the city council at the time of each purchase?

2. What did it cost to purchase the land, drill the wells and secure the water rights?

3. Are there ongoing costs to keep the water rights?

4. How much water is being used by the households and businesses, and what is the breakdown for the past five years of current usage and the projection for the next five years.

5. Why are people of Goldendale paying for metered water and paying again for the same metered amount in sewage out-go?

6. If a household uses extra water for gardens or beautification of lawns, they are currently being penalized and not rewarded for having a nice yard or growing a garden. Why, if there is so much extra water?

7. What is the volume of water rights in each well or spring. Citizens need a breakdown of each lease/water rights usage per year.

8. If the city has too much water why not allow farmers to have irrigation rights using their domestic wells, or allow stock ponds. Farmers are denied irrigation rights due to lack of water. Was it known that the city was taking more than what was needed for future water needs of the City of Goldendale?


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