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By Linda Johnson
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Assembly of God members pitch in for charity



HELPING HANDS: Sandi and John Hagedorn have given much of their time to helping people in Africa.

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (DKG) has partnered up with UNICEF , the Hamburg Foundation, and Nelson Mandela Foundation since 2010 to support Schools For Africa. Local chapters like Alpha Zeta in Goldendale have money making projects to support this project. And a local couple has recently shared their first-hand experiences supporting missions of this nature with a slide show showing the scope of the work involved. DKG has 70,000 chapters worldwide, and members have donated $324,150 to help 13 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The SFA mission involves providing access to quality education for children, focusing on girls, or

phans, and vulnerable youngsters. These donations help to build and improve classroom buildings, train teachers, supply school supplies, materials, and furniture, provide clean water and sanitation facilities, and to educate children about proper hygiene and HIV protection.

John and Sandi Hagedorn recently shared a slide show with DKG members. Sandi started her mission trips to Namibia, Africa in 2008-2011. The mission team presented Christmas shoe boxes to children and women with school supplies, clothes, hats, and toiletries. They planned these missions to touch the

lives of African families, reach out to them, share food and meals together , befriend them and love them in a two to three week time frame. They did home visits to women with AIDS, fed children at soup kitchens and talked and comforted many children. John joined The Assembly


HELPING HANDS: DKG members Carol Garcia, Linda Johnson, Vicki Wollam, and Karen Conroy in the chair.

of God mission trip to four cities in Angola in 2012. They would build the main steel pole construction structure for a Tabernacle. Then the local people would make cinder blocks and put up the walls. Termites would destroy a wooden structure. In 2014, John and Sandi joined a mission team from the Northwest and helped

build a preschool, rehabilitate a feeding kitchen and feeding stations. In 2015, John and the team built a church in a rural area of Swaziland, put in a well and wired a building with lights and plug-ins. A team will return to Swaziland in 2017. Several Goldendale menhave joined the missionary team in the past few years: Mitch Schurtz, Jason Quantrell, Mike Quantrell and Lloyd Schwabauer. One of the leaders of the Northwest missionary has met with the Assembly of God church members and the church does fundraisers to support the missions. If you would like more information about helping the rural African people, contact John and Sandi Hagedorn or a Delta Kappa Gamma member.


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