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By Brittany Allen
News Editor 

Seeking other mountains


Brittany Allen

MAKING FACE: Ruby Bargas helps a child apply face paint at the Primary School Carnival Friday. The fundraiser, sponsored by the Goldendale PTO, featured a range of games and events for children and parents. (Taken for front page 02.16.2011)

This holiday season, I find myself filled with immense gratitude and some mixed emotions. As of Dec. 6, I will take my leave of the Goldendale Sentinel and make my move to Portland to take on the position of community reporter for The Sandy Post. There are many factors which play into my desire for new scenery, and I will tell you right now, none of them have to do with the staff at the Goldendale Sentinel; if anything, they are what make it most difficult to leave. It was never my plan to stay in Goldendale long after I graduated from college in June, but I have been pleasantly surprised by what I came back to and the opportunities I had while I continued my search for a job nearer to my fiancé. He is not the only reason I had wanted to start my post-grad life down in Oregon, but, after being 250 miles apart for the better part of two years, I will say it did influence my reasoning a bit. I contributed to the Goldendale Sentinel as a freelance writer intermittently for about six years before I took this position as reporter, then news editor, this fall. Whether you recognized my byline all of those years or not, I was here. I was actually extremely fortunate to meet and establish a professional relationship with Lou here at the paper while I was still attending Goldendale High School. I was this weird, wordy kid who just came into the Sentinel office one day, sat down with him and Karen Henslee, and said, "Um, so, I'd kind of like to try this writing for the newspaper thing. I have some pictures I've taken on my iPod Touch; can I show you what I can do?" And, for some reason, they said yes, and after a year or so I was freelancing and getting paid to do something in the field I hoped to continue in after college. Not many people my age can say they had that in-depth of an experience that young. I jokingly say that I am a going on 23-year-old with a 30-year-old's experience. That being said, I do still recognize that I do have a lot to learn, and as willing and able as I know the Sentinel crew are to teach me more, I feel called to take my leave and step outside of my comfort zone more. There is a community in Oregon

Brittany Allen

HONORING VETS: Piled atop hay bales, a group of 4-H kids was part of Friday's Veterans Day Parade in Goldendale. (Taken for front page 11.16.2016)

that has been feeling rather neglected by their newspaper reporter as of late, and from my experience working with you- the community of Goldendale-I think I may just be able to give it the attention it needs. I have thoroughly enjoyed being your community reporter and the opportunities granted to me here and I hope to feel half as at home in my new community.


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