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By Mildred Lykens
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Santa still available next week for latecomers at Activity Center


If your children missed Santa’s visit last Sunday evening, you missed a great time, but—you still have a chance to have them deliver their wishes next Saturday, Dec 17 from around 5:45 p.m. at the Lyle Activity Center. Two of the little darlings even brought a hand written list, so cute. But it’s not the jingling of bells announcing “Santa’s coming” next time. It will be the blaring of sirens and horns piercing the night by the Christmas Decorated Fire Trucks and EMT Vehicles Caravan. So bundle up the kids and meet Jolly Old St. Nick.

The Twin Bridges Museum will have hot chocolate and cookies for not only the children but the parents as well. And if we can get our volunteer photographer back again, a complimentary photograph of your child with Santa will be taken and posted in the Lyle Post Office a day or two later; but having your camera also insures catching that moment in time, maybe even a Christmas Card photo. Then check out each vehicle in the caravan to see that many local fire departments have joined the parade to brighten the holidays as well as your spirits.

Make sure you have your studs or winter tires on your vehicles, and get your hoses outside covered and bar-b-q stored away—it’s snowing! I am not a winter person except for the time it gives me to delve deeper into my indoor hobbies. I hope you all have at least one to keep you occupied this winter. Rumor is that it’s going to hard one due to the fact that we haven’t for quite a few years now. Bundle up, stay warm, and replenish all those batteries; it’s going to take to keep those little hand held gadgets alive. If they all go dead and the electricity goes out—heavens to Betsy, you may have to visit with one another.

When I count my blessings, I always include my neighbors. They are awesome! In this past week I’ve had three separate deliveries of sewing notions from tapes to twill, buttons to bows and everything in between. And besides that, I also had a package hooked to my gate with computer ink that I was in dire need of; and this week I has dinner for the family delivered from a friend’s kitchen. Once in awhile I will also find coupons for JoAnn’s Fabrics; these come after a head’s up-phone call or anonymously sitting on my doorstep or in my breezeway. I feel so content in knowing that there are “Earth Angels” out there and some are helping me with my sewing project for the underprivileged. God is Great.


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