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By Steve Kinney

A serious discussion on the election


No balloons, no confetti, little pomp and circumstance accompanied Trump’s decisive victory. Now sore-loser, entitlement minded, and anarchist protesters help us pragmatic and critical thinking Americans better understand why Trump won in the first place.

In the most generous analysis of the economy and job Market, we can say things have been very sluggishly improving but without getting anywhere near the previous number of full time jobs and household income. Consequently, we have just seen a classic example of how as all politics are local in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and are reminded why the region is called the “Rust Belt.” This region of the country hit hardest by the job loss has experienced multiple insults to injury with massive Obamacare cost increases, attacks on their traditional values, and direct bitter clinger and deplorable criticisms. Quite frankly, the Democrat Party should be thankful the unemployed steelworkers, miners, and autoworkers from the region didn’t leave Sunday church, put their deer rifles in their pick-up truck gun racks, and lay siege to D.C.

Notwithstanding, protesters should be blaming the DNC and the main stream media (MSM) for their pain and angst. Protesters were led to believe Trump was some Hitler-esque monster who would be roundly defeated. Pollsters refused to understand their own numbers and reported incorrectly. Don’t blame protesters for being brainwashed as their news source was the AP, ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN. MSM’s corrupt partnership with the DNC and Hillary’s campaign were revealed thanks to Wikileaks and Project Veritas. Top MSM figures regularly attended dinners with, and pre-fed debate questions to Hillary. The DNC and MSM stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders. The MSM gave Trump a free ride during the Primary only to pull the trigger with the real/alleged women scandals when it would presumably seal a Hillary victory. All of this could have been brought out during the primary Election. Also, the MSM largely ignored the stunning corruption revealed by Wikileaks and Project Veritas.

If D voters are willing to review, understand, and accept these things, they can help the rest of us Make America Great Again!


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