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By Mildred Lykens
Lyle News 

Holiday concert coming


Lyle Community Schools invites the community to celebrate the season with our students and faculty. Bring the family for a delightful holiday concert featuring students in Kindergarten through 12th grades on Dec. 14. The concert takes place in the Lyle School gymnasium starting at 7 p.m. Wear your favorite sparkly sweater and be prepared to go away with a song in your heart. I remember the Christmas programs we used to have for the parents and interested community residents in the good old days when we were all under one roof. It was good times and created fond memories. The Twin Bridges Museum will again have hot chocolate and cookies for the children and parents while Santa listens to the little ones Christmas wishes. The photographer was disappointed with the photos last time and will try again to catch that ‘Kodak moment’ with your child on Santa’s knee. It is a complimentary photograph that will be posted in the Lyle Post Office a day or two later; so be sure to bring your own camera because one never knows what malfunction is waiting right around the corner. The “Caravan of Emergency Vehicles” driven by local EMT’s brightens the holidays with their seasonal decorations. Let’s just hope that this snow is all gone so everyone will enjoy Santa’s visit. During a quick trip across the river for medications, I found that our Washington

roads are safer for they are being cleared more efficiently. The state highways are being cleared but the intersections leading to I-84 were a nasty, slushy, rutted mess. Thankfully our vehicle had 4 wheel drive or we might have had a lot more trouble. Vehicles were sliding and digging through mounds of frozen slush and bouncing over them. Thank you, Washington State Highway Department. In this season of giving, think of how you may give a special gift. It’s always in stock; shelf life is indefinite and always affordable. You can give as many as you want, to as many as you want and the color is no issue, the size is as large as you want and is appreciated by many, you will be a hero to the person receiving, and of course the feeling you achieve is immeasurable. It has no season and can be used all year long. There is always a free exchange policy, and even encouraged. What is this magical gift? Well, a HUG of course. So get out there and warm someone’s heart with as warm a hug as you can give. Who knows; you may get that exchange after all.


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