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By Stephen Kenny

County Republican Party-has the purge begun?


Saturday , Dec. 3, the Klickitat County Republican Party (KCRP) was taken over by a coalition of three overlapping groups. The first seemed to be women tired of the previous chairman’s misogyny , arguably heavy-handed tactics, and philosophy of Republican exclusivity . The second group was a small number of new PCOs seemingly sequestered since their election in August and apparently influenced within that isolation by the charms of the new chosen leader and power brokers. The third group was the Republican power brokers themselves who will remain anonymous here, the old blood Republicans who apparently felt the prior chair did not kiss their rings enough. During the coup process—passing a new set of bylaws worked on by less than half of the PCOs—two separate women could be heard saying why the prior bylaws were not acceptable. One said something like, Of course they were bad, they were written by men. She must not have known well-respected and hard-working PCO Sharon Aleckson had participated in their writing. Again, some of the women present were not willing or knowing participants in the apparent hostile take-over that tips balance 12 to 7 for women PCOs. Unfortunately , many were likely blinded by their dislike of the previous chair and consequently became susceptible to the charms of Peter Leon. Yes,

this is the same Peter Leon from Wishram precinct who begged the Husum precinct back in his July 28 letter in The White Salmon Enterprise to ditch the old guy , Kenny Burrill, in his near-unforgivable and rude endorsement for another PCO. Other lowlights: a number of party members, both male and female, declined to serve in nominated or appointed positions, myself included. The new bylaws almost certainly are not consistent with RCW and open the KCRP up to public interference and problems. Ironically if not hypocritically , the coalition is guilty of the same type of tactics for which they scorned the previous chairman. Lastly , I wouldn’t normally publicly share details of the KCRP , a private organization. However , the new ramrodded bylaws call for unprecedented public input and presumably public reporting. The next meeting will be on Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. at the Dallesport community center. Democrats, Libertarians, and anyone who would like to have a voice with the organization should show up and demand to be heard. Perhaps they will see the error of their ways allowing public comment on all business prior to voting on it. It’s a sad day indeed for the KCRP


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