Dems are losing the unions


Why have many American workers abandoned the Democrat

ic Party? During the last 50 years, Republicans have systematically weakened the unions, historically a Democratic Party base. This has led to members’ distrust of union leadership, and of its endorsement of Democratic candidates. Union membership among workers dwindled from 1-in-3 in 1960 to 1-in-10 today . Yet Democrats have failed to successfully oppose Republicans’ weakening of unions. Additionally , Republican policies promoting extreme wealth inequality have also been key to impeding upward mobility for American workers left behind (Spokesman-Review , Dec. 19, 2016). However , Bill Clinton signed Republican-sponsored repeal of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, separating investment from commercial banks. This emboldened the rich and helped trigger the 2008 economic collapse that most harmed the working class. Although Hillary Clinton’s track record with America’s workers easily beats Donald Trump’s with his own workers, Bernie Sanders was undoubtedly the greatest champion for the working class and unions among either party’s candidates. His proposals are what originally solved the wealth inequality problem while facilitating our recovery from the 1930s Great Depression. Choosing Clinton over Sanders probably hurt the strongest Democratic candidate champions of America’s workers nationwide, such as Joe Pakootas in Spokane County . Still, Pakootas outpolled Clinton by 3,000 votes there.


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