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By Steve Kenny

Who are the true Republicans?


In response to Adrian Bradford’s letter from last week: first, I must thank Adrian for providing evidence for my conclusions in my prior week’s letter about a possible purge. Adrian uses Tea Party as a pejorative. Any self-identifying Republican that does this or uses the term “extreme right,” as he did, is himself not very inclusive nor a true Republican.

As I recall, Adrian and many of his ilk returning to the KCRP supported Sen. King, who we know as the coauthor of the recent transportation bill that resulted in an unprecedented gas tax increase. While campaigning this year, Sen. King claimed that he and several other Republicans had to vote for this bill so Gov. Inslee and the Democrats would not institute a carbon tax! Well, they tried getting a carbon tax by initiative and are now working on carbon tax in other ways. You all have been duped and have given cover to the Democrats on the transportation bill now thought of as having bipartisan support.

I must also thank Adrian for his praise of a renewed energy within the party, of which I myself was proudly a great part. A sense of obligation overcame me to update and expand the KCRP website that had been established by another young party member a couple years earlier by the name of Amanda Richards, who herself was ostracized by Adrian’s ilk.

Adrian’s choice in words helps make my point that a conservative purge may be underway. Two consecutive chair persons, a number of younger (and older), conservative Republican PCOs, and other contributors like myself have been marginalized, criticized, in some cases accused of illegal activity by fellow party members, and dare I say purged from your version of the “inclusive” club. For the benefit of the expected throngs to the KCRP, please explain the values that now draw you to the party. Where do you stand on abortion? Second Amendment? Marriage? Right to privacy in bathrooms? Carbon tax? Illegal immigration? Voter fraud? Are your positions in line with the county, state, or national Republican Party platforms?


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