By Shannon O Connell

Republicans don't belong in the bathroom


I am writing today in regards to the article “Privacy campaign challenges bathroom law.” I am a Republican, like most folks around here, but this is definitely a case where our lawmakers are not in-step with their constituents. The bathroom law proposed is almost an exact replica of the North Carolina HB2 bill, making it so that people must use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender on their birth certificate.

There are many problems with the bathroom bill—it is completely unenforceable ( do I really have to bring my birth certificate to use the restroom?), it is creating a problem that does not exist (we have stalls for a reason), and, most importantly, the North Carolina bill may have cost that state millions, if not billions, of lost revenue. I say our lawmakers are out of step with our type of Republicanism here in Washington because we do not care about inconsequential things like limiting bathroom use, we care about lower taxes, education for kids, and limiting government overreach (especially in the bathroom. I assure you, you don’t want to go in there).


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