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By Sandy Mantag
White Salmon 

Seniors will be hurt if ACA is repealed


Some Medicare benefits will be lost to seniors if the Affordable Healthcare Act, aka Obamacare, is repealed. What many voters may not have realized, given the lack of clarity over this issue, is that the ACA now provides tens of millions of Medicare patients with free preventive services. Not only does the ACA provide free services such as flu shots, cancer screenings and diabetes testing, but it has slowly been closing the “doughnut hole,” or missing coverage, for prescription drugs. This has actually saved Medicare beneficiaries 20.8 billion dollars. Multitudes of our seniors struggle to absorb rising costs on a fixed income, and for them the loss of these ACA benefits through their Medicare will hurt. Yet Republican lawmakers are already working to take these benefits away and are well on the road to accomplishing repeal. In spite of a promise to replace it with something “better ,” they have no replacement bill. Instead they are using a few thin talking points such as savings ac

counts, to deflect concern. They have, however, promised that Medicare itself will be next up on the chopping block so it would seem unrealistic at this point to sit by and simply hope for the best. Repeal is coming unless an outcry from voters stops it. Your voice matters. If you feel the ACA should not be repealed, either at all or until there is an actual bill that is complete and ready for a vote, one that puts the needs of taxpayers over corporate profits, then let your legislators know now . House Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler (360) 695-7838 (Republican) Senator Patty Murphy (360) 6967797 (Democrat) Senator Maria Cantwell (360) 696-7838 (Democrat)


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