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By Jess Macinko
News Editor 

Police take 'shot in the dark,' apprehend Most Wanted in Goldendale home


Jess Macinko

TAKING CHARGE OF CHARGE: Goldendale and county police swarmed to 101 E. Broadway Thursday and arrested Edwin Charge, Jr. (center in red shirt). Charge was hiding in insulation in an attic space above a bathroom.

Goldendale Police have been looking for Edwin Charge Jr. for almost exactly one year. On Jan. 26, at approximately 3:30 p.m., they got him.

Charge has been on the run since January 2016, when police issued a warrant for felony charges of vehicle prowls, residential burglaries and theft. Charge fled the county, residing in California for a time, but last week he came back on the radar. Believing Charge was back in Goldendale, Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski began a survey of likely hangouts.

A "shot in the dark" visit to a West Second Street residence flushed Charge out the back door. Aided by the County Sherriff's office, police were able to tighten the net, confining Charge to one block of houses along Columbus, then to a single residence: 101 E. Broadway.

But finding the suspect within that house wasn't easy. After conducting two rounds of searches over three floors, police found Charge in a separate attic space above the bathroom, hiding in the insulation. He was arrested without further incident.

Two for one

The search for Charge turned up the subject of a second warrant, Cadence Rogers, who was arrested on Jan. 25. Bartkowski says police also have a suspect in the string of vehicle prowls that plagued Burgen and Darland Streets last weekend. The suspect: a 16 year-old male. His motive: cigarettes.

On Jan. 29 police arrested Kyle Hancock on felony charges of residential burglary and theft. Hancock allegedly entered his mother's house against her will and stole a carton of eggs and a loaf of bread.

Just after midnight on Jan. 31, officer Stelljes initiated pursuit of a motorist who ran several stop signs. The chase began at the Goldendale Community Library and ended near the Grange. Stelljes arrested Lisha Risley, 23, on a charge of Felony Elude. Police are still investigating the reason Risley fled.

It's been a busy week, but Bartkowski says increased community awareness is making his job easier. "Calls are up, crimes are down."


Besides the assist in Charge's arrest, Sherriff Bob Songer says county law enforcement hasn't been quite as busy, but only just. Most of their workload has been accidents due to road conditions.

On that note, Songer has a message for truck drivers-please chain up. Because the State Patrol was short-staffed, WSDOT has asked the Sherriff's office for help enforcing chain-ups on Route 97. On Jan. 21, deputies issued 23 citations to truckers for not chaining up on Satus Pass.

The office is directly aware of the importance of semi safety. On Jan. 17, Deputy Erik Beasley was assisting a ditched motorist on Route 97 when an out of control truck hit the deputy's car. Fortunately, Beasley wasn't in the vehicle at the time and wasn't hurt in the collision.

Jan. 26 Sherriff's deputies assisted Goldendale police in apprehending Edwin Charge, Jr. Wanted on a felony warrant involving theft, Charge fled from officers on foot and hid at a residence at 101 E. Broadway St. He was located and arrested at approximately 3:30 p.m., Jan. 26.


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