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By Tria Bullard

I believe in Lyle School District


Lyle School District is seeking a replacement maintenance and operations (M&O) levy and you will receive your ballot soon. As a Lyle alumnus who spent K-12 in Lyle, the mother of three children in the district, and a school board member, I’d like to tell you why I believe in this district.

Student achievement is on the rise. In 2016, our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders saw double digit gains in reading and math. We have a unique model in our K-5 classes where we pair one certificated teacher with a paraprofessional staff, creating a student-teacher ratio of under 10:1 in most classes. We have interventions in place to provide support to our at risk populations through non-traditional ways and work hard to keep kids in school. We brought back career and technical education and our music program and packed the house for our first-ever combined PreK-12 Holiday Music Program conducted by Lyle alumnus Mark Kendrick. Our art program and blended-learning online options give kids choices as to what and how they learn.

There is a renewed sense of hope in our district. It’s palpable every time I walk through the door to volunteer in my second grader’s classroom or to watch one of my older kids during a home game. I’m seeing students being given opportunities to be leaders. I’m seeing students who are once again taking pride in their school and what it means to be a Wildcat/Cub/ Cougar. That’s why I believe in our school, our kids, and what we can be.

Are we perfect yet? Absolutely not. But I’m asking for your help in ensuring the continued momentum of the great work that we've already started. I’m asking you to believe in our kids and that each one of them can be successful.


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