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By Don Thomas

Government by whim?


I see that the new president has once again stepped in it, this time with his executive order concerning temporarily banning immigration from seven Muslim majority countries. Obviously, the ban was aimed at his base, which had been told during his campaign that he would ban Muslim immigration. Trying to tie it to Obama's policy must have been an attempt to avoid pushback from the left, and perhaps the courts. The courts have now joined the worldwide pushback, which includes some Republicans. I think it is very likely that the temporary ban is actually a boon to terrorist organizations in recruiting new members. And what is an Iraqi soldier fighting ISIS to think when he hears that the U. S. doesn’t want him to even visit?

It is amazing how this administration is operating. Did anyone investigate possible legal issues involved in the ban? Or debate unintended consequences? Some of the top cabinet members and intelligence officials weren’t even aware of details of the executive order until it had been signed. No wonder our president went bankrupt. I guess the good news is that he is now soundly tied to the Republican party.


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