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By Teresa Clyne
Programs for Peaceful Living 

You don't have to take it


he month of February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Do the following behaviors look familiar to you? Constant calling or texting to keep track of you; stalking or following you around; showing up unexpectedly at places you go; using social media like Facebook to intimidate you or your friends; objecting to or not letting you go out with friends or family; name calling; making you feel worthless or like you are crazy; embarrassing you in front of others; making you feel stupid; restraining you; throwing things at you; physically hurting you; choking you; hurting your pet(s); taking your money away; objecting to you working; blaming you for their anger; making light of the abuse—saying you caused it or it’s your fault; saying they love you after they have hurt you; threatening to hurt you or those you love; threatening to spread rumors about you; destroying your property; expecting sexual favors no matter how you feel about it; not respecting you.

Dating abuse is a complex problem, and every relationship is different. Abuse causes depression and the feeling like there is no way out. But there is help! Teens and young adults mostly need someone to listen to them—with no interruptions and without judgement. Young people are often most comfortable talking through their concerns with anonymous experts through hotlines, or talking to parents, an older sibling, a school counselor, a pastor, or a friend’s parent—someone they trust. The right resources can help teens think through their relationships. and have really great resources for teens and those who love them.

Programs for Peaceful Living is an advocate for teens. The office can be contacted Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 773-6100 in Goldendale, and (509) 493-2662 in Bingen. The toll free 24/7 crisis number is (844) 493-1709.

Please wear orange every Friday this month, to show your support for a young person that you love.


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