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Where'd that come from?


Like a dog with two tails: Idiom

This saying describes being extremely happy. I have found very few references, however, the oldest one I could find was from Margaret Hardie 1929. Proverbs and Proverbial Expressions Current in the United States East of the Missouri and North of the Ohio Rivers. American Speech 4 (16): 468.

I have been told that dogs are man’s best friend, but they will not pick you up at the airport.

I think almost everyone has or has had a dog at one point in their life. If your parents did not let you have a dog when you were a kid, most likely your next door neighbor or best friend had a dog. I had three dogs growing up: a Sheltie appropriately named Wiggles; Smiling Suzy, who was a black lab; and Gorge Jones, who was a white lab—I have no idea why he was named after a country singer considering we did not listen to country. I have been attacked by a few dogs in my life and it had jaded me to the point I used to say that the only good dog was a dead dog. I would have night terrors of dogs chasing and biting me. I have gotten over my phobia of dogs; now, I pet any four legged fur-ball that comes within touching distance. How I got over this debilitating phobia was by getting a dog. I did not arbitrarily pick this dog, he chose me.

When I moved here in 2000, I moved into a large house on 20 acres and decided to get a dog. We had chickens and there were coyotes. Anyone who knows me knows I do not do things small or mundane. It is bigger than life, over the top and with the tickets to the circus to prove I had been there. I went to a local shelter looking for a small to medium size alarm to protect the chickens. After looking at what I thought were all the dogs for adoption, I gave up and walked up to the waiting area. I was sitting on a picnic table feeling very discouraged when this gorilla-size hair ball came up behind me, jumped up and sat down beside me. He put his head on my shoulder and we both sighed at the same time. I put my arm around him and said “I know how you feel buddy.” The word dog is not what I would use to describe this creature who adopted me. Couch-sized, quadruped, with more hair than Cousin It—that would describe Duke. He was a Great Pyrenees, Red German Shephard mix who weighed over 100 pounds. He taught me that all dogs are not out to eat you; however, they are out to get you. They steal your heart and make you a better human. He is in his happy hunting grounds now and I miss his big gold eyes and his gentle nudge.

About three weeks before Christmas in 2010, I got a call from a friend of mine who was a foster mom to dogs until they could find their forever-home. She told me she had a wonderful dog that would fit right in with our family. I asked what kind and she told me never judge a dog by its breed, always judge them by their personality. RED FLAG! I knew it was going to be one of the media hyped-up dangerous dogs that eat entire families while they sleep in the middle of the night. I walked in with my mind made up of absolutely not, I would never have a dog that would eat me or my children. When I saw those huge brown eyes looking over her shoulder, game over. I love fishing and this dog had me hook, line and sinker before I could get the door shut behind me. I did not even get across the room before my mind was racing on what we were going to name her, envisioning the toy box that needed filled with dog toys and which kid’s room do I put the dog bed in or should I just get a dog bed for each room and I don’t care if she is potty-trained, I am in love with this dog. She wiggled her way out of my friend’s arms and right into mine. The look on her face was ‘you’re home, what took you so long?’

Those huge brown eyes ended up being an American Blue Nose Pitbull. That little ball of cuteness turned out to be the best addition to our family. We named her Baby and she is not just spoiled rotten, she is curdled. People say that Pitbulls are lethal and I have to agree; when her tail starts wagging, it annihilates anything it touches. You have to wear shin guards or you are going to get bruised. When her tail gets going, it is like the propeller of an airplane and there have been a few times I thought her back feet were going to come off the ground. She hates water, loves camping and chases squirrels like a cat. She makes us happier than a dog with two tails and I am a better person with her in my life.


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