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By Matt Miller

This government means business


I would like to respond to Don Thomas’ letter: Government by Whim?

Yes, President Trump is fulfilling his promises, which are not only aimed at his base but at you as an American citizen. Entry into the United States is a privilege, not a right. With this temporary ban on immigration from certain radical countries (all recognized by the Obama administration), he is slowing down the possibility of terrorists entering our country with proper vetting. He did keep his order quiet in order to fend off a rush by possible terrorists to our country. Thanks to a liberal judge in Seattle, that is what is happening now. His concern is the safety of this country and its citizens; look at Europe and the problems they are having with these not-so-innocent immigrants. Even Australia wanted to unload over a thousand of them on us and were quite irritated when Trump refused; again, it’s a privilege, not a right.

As to the legal aspect, I would refer you to a certain document called the Constitution. This tells us our rights and the limits and extent of power given to our government. The Obama administration got away with disregarding that piece of America’s heritage. “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent” said Thomas Jefferson. Thank goodness Hillary isn’t able to carry on the destruction of our great country!

President Trump did file for bankruptcy at one time, but this is a law that even applies to you. Trump came into office very well-off, unlike a lot of politicians who enter public service with the objective of enrichment. Trump has saved thousands of American jobs—over one thousand just weeks before even taking office—while Obama sat on his laurels and said: “I don’t see how he can do that.”

Last but not least, I don’t believe the Iraqi soldier who is fighting ISIS and terrorism in his front yard is thinking about visiting the U.S. He is occupied with keeping his family and country safe. Are you ready?

So yes, based on his record so far, I believe conservative Republicans welcome President Trump with open arms!


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