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By Jess Macinko
News Editor 

Meet The Sentinel's carriers: Josh Ogden


On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, Josh Ogden carefully wraps his newspapers in plastic bags. “A lot of houses don’t have awnings on them, so the papers get wet if they don’t have bags,” he explains.

Josh has been delivering for The Sentinel since 2011. Currently he pulls double duty, covering Routes B and D. Sometimes he rides his bike, but not today.

“I wish it wouldn’t rain,” he says. And yet there is a smile on his face. “Sometimes people roll down their windows and ask me how I like this job. I tell them I love it—being out here and meeting people.” Josh also regards the job as a duty. “People are counting on us.”

In addition to delivering papers, Josh serves as The Sentinel’s self-described “breaking news guy,” covering inclement weather, road conditions and EMS dispatches. With the aid of a police scanner, social media and his own dogged curiosity, Josh contributes invaluable legwork to The Sentinel. Recent examples include his reporting on winter road closures and the primary school lockdown.

Josh is also no stranger to the office, frequently stopping in to cheer the staff with a “Good job!” or “I’m counting on you guys.” The Sentinel thanks Josh for his encouragement, positive attitude and years of dedicated service.


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