By Steven Crothers

A response to the new Democratic National Chair


So Tom Perez has won the Democratic Party National Chair. As we reflect on that, might I ask you to consider what your political commitment as an American citizen is? If your response is Near Center Republican (and disillusioned); Independent with Progressive/Liberal inclinations; “Bernie-crat”/Democrat Progressive (and disillusioned); or a “lonely” Klickitat Green, then this development is significant. Significant because it is the fait accompli of three major (defeated) attempts by likeminded citizenry within the Democratic Party to redirect that political institution’s policies and goals to align with the wishes and desires of the majority of the American people. These failures have been costly to the average American and will see no reversal anytime soon with the path of action set forth by those in power.

Consider: “Republicans have total control of 25 state governments—that is the governorship and majorities in both houses of the legislature. Democrats have total control of just six, and that could shrink to five thanks a special election in Delaware”. —Michael Langenmayr, Daily Kos.

“He [Jaime Harrison, S. Carolina Dem. Chair] said Democrats would find themselves in a ‘permanent minority’ because the GOP needs just seven more Senate seats for a filibuster-proof majority there, and just one more statehouse to call and control a constitutional convention.” —Democratic Divisions on Display @ DNC Debate” CNN.Com – Eric Bradner,

One truth in the Conservative mind-set is the duplicitous hypocrisy of the Neo-Liberal Democrat. The point of this letter is to underscore this reality with the unrelenting plague of “Dark Money” from the Citizens United ruling. However, Ultra-Conservative Libertarians have overthrown traditional establishment Republicans. They must be resisted and the interests of the “Left” re-imposed.

Truly the only expedient course to achieve such a goal is to commit to consistent action and dedicate oneself anew to a different alternative. People I hold in high regard (Susan Sarandon, Chris Hedges, Dr. Cornell West, Viggo Mortensen) have chosen the Green Party for their political action vehicle. Whether you see the Green Party as a Third Party alternative, or the only “people’s party” opposed to two versions of a Imperialistic Global Hegemony movement, I urge you to join me on Facebook at “Klickitat Progressive Citizens Discussion Group” to organize a Green Party Affiliate for Klickitat County, first meeting March 18 at a place TBD.


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