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Sherman County history online


Sherman County, Oregon: A Historical Collection is a new local history website ( honoring the people who lived in Sherman County, kept the records, preserved the stories and encouraged Sherry Kaseberg’s interest in the county in which she grew up.

In Kaseberg’s own words, the information presented is “truly the work of many, and will appeal to history enthusiasts and genealogists.” The website, recently introduced by Kaseberg, shares her 1965 cemetery survey and stories, time lines, photographs and information about businesses, churches, government, military service, places and towns.

“Growing up in Moro, I was inspired by a fourth-grade book about the Oregon Trail and the orphaned Sager children, which led to a crayon mural. My fifth and sixth grade teacher, Grace (May) Zevely, opened windows to history, geography, geology, maps and rivers with field trips and pen pals in other countries,” said Kaseberg.

An eighth-grade history assignment, which she views as a gift, required interviews of town elders. For many years, Kaseberg volunteered for the Sherman County Historical Society, and served as Sherman County Commissioner and on the Oregon Geographic Names Board.

“This is a big site, the result of a lifetime journey with local storytellers and record keepers, but it’s not everything,” Kaseberg adds. “There is a wealth of information in the interpretive exhibits, publications and collections at the national-award-winning Sherman County Historical Museum in Moro.” For additional information, visit


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