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By Norm Luther

Bumper stickers help ease the bumps


March 22, 2017

Bernie Sanders was our favorite candidate. He championed the working class, unjustly left behind by huge wealth inequality, by parroting policies that originally solved this problem while facilitating 1930s Great Depression recovery. But Donald Trump is dangerous, as shown by his continual attacks on our fundamental democratic institutions. Also, distrust of his purported working class advocacy has proven justified. So we naturally voted for Hillary Clinton, displaying “Hillary for America” bumper stickers to be removed shortly after the election.

However, an anonymous note appeared under our windshield wiper: “I just moved to Spokane recently from a very liberal city. I was shocked at how conservative the area was. After the election, I feel unsafe as a female and as a Latina. I worry constantly about the rights of myself and all other marginalized groups being put in jeopardy. However, your sticker gives me hope and comfort, even when I feel unsafe and scared.”

Whether she is undocumented wouldn’t matter if House Republican leadership hadn’t blocked majority rule. Although with definitely enough votes to pass, they withheld a House vote on the 2013 bipartisan Senate-passed immigration reform bill, preventing it from becoming law.

Our bumper stickers remain.


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