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By Ken Margraff

We can't afford 'affordable'


March 22, 2017

Putting some numbers to one aspect of the Ryan Health Care proposal: the proposed plan, which may be up for a vote in the House of Representatives very soon, allows an older person, 55-64, to be charged insurance premiums that are five times that of a younger person.

I called a local insurance agent to get premium information to determine what the result might look like. The current premiums are based on a major health care company available in Klickitat County. Today, a 21 year old seeking health insurance would see an unsubsidized premium of $220 per month in a Bronze Plan and $344 per month premium in a Gold Plan. If, per the Republican proposal, insurance companies multiply that premium by five, a person 55-64 ears of age could be paying a $1,100 a month ($13,200 a year) premium for the Bronze Plan and $344 per month ($20,640 a year) premium for the Gold Plan. Even after deducting the maximum $4,000 tax credit under the proposed plan, the Bronze premium is still $766 a month and the Gold premium is about $1,386 a month.

This is affordable healthcare?


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