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April Fools Edition: Spooky twist on tiny house fad


March 29, 2017

The tiny home and simple living movements may be short-lived, literally, thanks to a new trend that has the nation possessed.

“Spirited housing,” also known as “hauntsizing,” is the practice of deliberately seeking property whose past tenants haven’t entirely left.

Previously, such homes were considered so undesirable realtors had to obscure their evil pasts and list them at too-good-to-be-true prices. Now, those low numbers are making some buyers see dark places in a new light.

Britt Gerald, haunted homeowner and de-facto spokeswoman for the movement, says she was initially attracted by the price tag, but now sees haunted living as a way of life.

“Initially, it was the lesser of two evils,” Gerald says. “Which is worse, adding a mortgage to my student debt or having walls that bleed sometimes? But after a while, you realize it’s really a matter of perspective. Our consumer culture brainwashes you into thinking haunted houses are bad, but once you actually—”

At this point the line went dead. The Sentinel was unable to reach Gerald for further comment.


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