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By Michael McBride

Don't be bullied


I attended the March 11 meeting in White Salmon sponsored by the Klickitat County Democrat Party. I was appalled at the ACLU’s kickoff of their campaign to “resist” President Trump in anything he advocates. I found it inconceivable that lawyers and many of the people at the meeting did not know the difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien! Even my 8th grade granddaughter knows the difference!

The policy the ACLU is advocating borders on anarchy or civil disobedience at the least. We are a nation of laws, and we had our election, and it worked the way the framers of our Constitution intended. It seems the losing party(s) is not happy with that and has come up with a plan to disrupt our government at every turn! I thought the Democratic Party had sunk to a new low when they threw Bernie Sanders under the bus in the primary, but I guess I was wrong!

The new low is tying in with the ACLU’s plan! I also attended March 29 meeting in White Salmon with law enforcement officials from Klickitat and Skamania Counties on how they will apply the laws regarding helping ICE. I was very happy with what I heard from these officials. I think Sheriff Songer said it best: “I will not let the ACLU bully me into doing what they want.” I totally support this decision. I think it is time to come together and support our president and get our country moving again!


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