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The Klickitat County Republican (KCR) Party is a fair, open minded, and welcoming organization. It is representative of the citizens in Klickitat County as well as 3,084 of the counties in the United States that voted to elect President Trump, thanks to the framers of our constitution for our Electoral College. Otherwise the United States would be governed by—or some might say under the thumb of—the 57 high population counties that voted for Mrs. Clinton. As you may recall, she was the candidate who wanted to limit our unalienable rights secured for us by the Bill of Rights (i.e., First and Second Amendment rights). has a platform tab that will open to the KCR 2016 platform for those that want to see specifically the KCR core beliefs.

The Klickitat County Republicans meet monthly at 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. The April 11 meeting is at the Roosevelt school, in Roosevelt Washington, just off SR14. The May meeting is planned for the Dallesport Community Center.

KCR is an inclusive organization representing Republicans throughout our large county. We rotate meeting locations between precincts to facilitate participation from east, central, and west county. All county Republicans and independents are invited to attend the KCR Central Committee meetings, which are open to the public. Come and meet your Republican Precinct Committee Officer and find out how we represent KCR core beliefs.


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