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By LeRoy Schoot

Stop emulating the wild child


A petulant child is sprinting downhill wildly and uncontrollably brandishing open scissors.

Mesmerized onlookers seem immobilized by the spectacle and its potential to do irreparable harm to the delusional and emotionally disturbed child and everyone in his path.

Can a reasonable person find a better description of the first couple months of the new administration in Washington DC?

Can the delusional and disturbed juvenile be safely separated from the dangerously misused scissors without injury to innocent bystanders?

It seems like yelling, screaming, marching and protesting is of transitory effect. It also seems that arguing, propagandizing, and polarizing our people into warring islands of fear and anger is even less effective.

Could we possibly consider working with our neighbors—especially the ones with whom we politically disagree, especially with those who do not share our cultural traditions, especially with those we wish to push to the margins of society for the common good?

We—our society—will only separate the disturbed child from the dangerous scissors by loving, living, and working through the things that separate us from our neighbor.


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