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By Richard Rhoades

Time to remember what Easter means


April 12, 2017

This Lord’s Day, on Palm Sunday, I sit here contemplating of the matters of eternity, and my thoughts go to next weekend, which is Good Friday and Easter Sunday. So also may all people consider that it was God who sent forth His Son to pay the sin-debt of the whole world.

On that first Good Friday, Jesus, as an eternal high Priest, offered up Himself as a sacrifice for sin and all uncleanness, so that no one need perish in their sins. And yet in this day and time in which we live, there is so much ungodliness. People live in all kinds of drunkenness, drugs, and vices that are more numerous than can be listed. And so in this county and state where we live, these things have become legal, but legal does not make them right. People who partake in these things ruin their own health and the health of their children. But these things need not be, if we would live in the fear of God, repent of our sins, and cling to the Merciful Savior who cried out from the cross, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

And so on that first Good Friday, there was one there who heard the voice of the Savior: the thief on the right side of Jesus who repented and confessed his sins before all and said, “Lord, remember me when thou cometh into Thy Kingdom.” And Jesus said unto him, “Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise.”

What a great blessing for him, but it can be the portion of everyone who seeks it with a penitent heart and receives the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name and Blood, for that Blood was shed for the remission of sins. God be thanked for so great and wondrous a cleansing.


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