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By Scott Robinson

The signs work


April 19, 2017

I want to applaud Sheriff Bob Songer for caring enough about his county to declare drug dealers persona non grata in Klickitat County.

Opponents of the Sheriff’s signs say we don’t have a serious drug problem in our county. I wonder how many of our citizens have to die from drug overdose before it can be considered a “serious drug problem.” Is it one death. Is it two deaths? (We are already over two deaths this year.) How many overdose cases should our EMTs respond to for there to be a serious problem. How many of our school kids exposed to drugs are needed for it to be serious. I say that if even one drug dealer sells one illegal drug in our county, that it is a serious problem.

By statute, Bob is sworn to protect our citizens and to enforce our state laws. I have not seen in the sheriff’s job description that he is to be providing addiction counselling assistance. Even so, our sheriff has on multiple occasions publically given out his personal cell phone number, stating that he will personally help anyone who really wants assistance be directed to the resources where they can get assistance with their addictions.

While the sheriff’s warning signs may seem harsh, they are not nearly as harsh as the reality of our youths who become addicted to these drugs or the deaths that have already occurred in Klickitat County this year from overdoses of illegal drugs.


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