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By Jess Macinko
News Editor 

Chinook Coffee, Aimee's Attic see changes


April 26, 2017

To the dismay of local gourmands and blearyeyed news crews alike, Golden Chinook is closing its doors at the end of the week. Citing inadequate customer numbers and a steep small-business learning curve, owner/operator Travis Herseim says the coffee shop will serve its last cup Friday, April 28. “A lot’s based on mistakes I’ve made, things I’ve had to learn the hard way,” Herseim says. Initially, running a cafe wasn’t even on his radar. But when Coyote Coffee closed in 2015, Herseim saw an opportunity and took it. “I went from not even thinking of running a business to running it within a month,” Herseim says. Fueled by a Go Fund Me campaign and donations from friends and family, Golden Chinook rose from Coyote’s ashes. But two years in, the single Main Street location doesn’t have enough of a customer base to build sustaining momentum. “Summers are great. Winters kill me,” Herseim says. Other setbacks, like a recent paperwork-induced closure, have hindered the cafe’s ability to keep consistent hours.The location is closing, but Herseim vows Golden Chinook will live on. He’s keeping the business name and license, and plans to start a mobile food cart, which he hopes to have up and running for events next spring.

“I’ll use the food cart to build a nest egg. If no one fills the [coffee shop] void, I have every intention of opening downtown again,” Herseim says. “I’m not quitting. I’m just changing directions.”

Aimee’s Attic

Another downtown icon is fading fast. In a statement posted to the Facebook page of Aimee’s Attic, owner Aimee Waddell said both the consignment store’s locations will be listed for sale next month.

“This decision was not easily made. My boys are growing up and my time has grown short to spend valuable moments with them,” Waddell wrote. She also said online shopping and wage hikes have made it harder to stay profitable.

Until the buildings sell, Waddell says the stores will operate as usual. She promises to keep customers and vendors apprised of “even a whisper” of a pending sale.


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