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James Semlor

ALL DUE RESPECT: KVH Volunteer Jarrod Swearingen (right) stands with Volunteer Coordinator Ivy Velardi as he thanks the Senior Leadership team for the opportunity at KVH. Swearingen has volunteered 1,300 hours of service at the hospital.

Since the program began in July of 2013, Klickitat Valley Health volunteers have contributed 18,310 hours of service to the hospital. On Tuesday, April 25, the hospital honored its volunteers with a celebration during National Volunteer Week. "Our town of Goldendale is such a special place," said Ivy Velarde, Volunteer Coordinator. "A small town by most people's standards. We don't have giant shopping malls, mega theaters, and we don't even have a stop light. But what we do have are people like each one of you here today, who have big hearts and a willingness to reach out and give of your time and talents to comfort and offer assistance to patients, families, visitors and staff." In the short three and a half years since the formation of the volunteer program at KVH, the volunteers have become the friendly smile, the kind word, and the caring gesture at the hospital. The program at KVH currently has 60 volunteers and three canine volunteers that provide services in many departments-from running the Daily Dose Coffee shop to greeting patients and visitors at the main entrance. The volunteers also assist in hospital foundation activities which help fund various program at the hospital. In all, volunteers contribute time in 13 different departments at Klickitat Valley Health. "You come from all walks of life, professions, education and interests and best of all you come with this inner desire to comfort and help those in need," said Velarde. "You are such a gift to our hospital and community." Award Recipients: 100 Hours – Denny Bruhn, Mary Bruhn, Kathryn Hiebert, Brenda Luthy and Carmen McCarver

200 Hours – Charlotte Batte, Terrie Combs, Brenda Dreyer, Shirley Enstad, Myron Fehr, Josh Ogden and Terry Thompson

300 Hours – Debera Culver and Fran Songer

400 Hours – Brian Buslach and Cheryl Swearingen

500 Hours – Marnita Freer, Maxine Huffman and Melinda Montgomery

600 Hours – Janice Woolley-Coder

700 Hours – Norma Miner

900 Hours – Deborah Heart and Margret Schnider

1000 Hours – Mike Jacobs

1100 Hours – Susan Dunn

1300 Hours – Jarrod Swearingen


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