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NASA taps Goldendale talent



REACHING FOR THE STARS: Goldendale student Madison Holbrook was awarded a NASA internship.

Madison Holbrook, daughter of Paulette Lefever Holbrook and Edgar Holbrook of Goldendale, has been offered a summer internship with National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA). She will be working in the Operations Laboratory at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Her major in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington (UW) qualifies her to work with the human interface team on the 2020 Mars outreach program. She'll be heavily involved helping developing the interfacing between ground support and the Mars 2020 Space Mission, and vision capture for the phase A "Europa" Lander missions.

At JPL she'll be introduced to "Curiosity," a multi-billion dollar robot used to command the 2020 Mars Exploration Mission. The Operations Lab creates the software that will be used to command Curiosity and all other JPL spacecraft.

Attending the college of engineering at UW was made possible by the scholarships she received at her high school graduation. Last year, she was awarded a Goldendale Grange Scholarship and the Eleanor Dooley Scholarship administered by the Goldendale Rebekah lodge. The local scholarships she received played an important part in allowing her to focus on her studies. Maintaining a position on the UW College of Engineering Deans list for five consecutive quarters has been a rewarding accomplishment.

While still in Goldendale Middle School, she became a young entrepreneur by creating the "Little Sheep Bakery," where she baked and sold artisan breads throughout the region to individuals, farmers markets, fruit stands and wineries. That project eventually introduced her to the UW "Farm to Table Dinner" Club, where she and her mother provided Lefever Holbrook Ranch meats to enhance the meal. That dinner audience introduced her to members of the UW staff and facility and sparked her desire to attend the school.

Her International work experience includes traveling to Honduras with a group called Worldwide "Heart to Heart." She helped re-structure and design an Aquaponics system in a Honduran Orphanage that provided food security to over 90 children and 20 adults.


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