Police track down identity theft suspects


Last Tuesday, Goldendale Police arrested Shaina Strasburg on charges of theft and criminal impersonation, both in the first degree. The arrest came after a nearly month-long investigation.

On April 12, police received a report of fraudulent transactions on a bank account. The victim reported 28 unauthorized withdrawals, totaling $8,104, had been made on her account between December 2016 and April 2017. The money was transferred to an account in custody of Shaina Strasburg, 27, who had reportedly lived with the victim for about a month in October 2016.

Allegedly, Strasburg called Riverview Bank and posed as the victim, using her personal information to change the password to her bank account and set up automated transfers to Strasburg’s custodial account. Records indicate withdrawals were made from said account on the same day as the transfers. Video surveillance shows Strasburg withdrawing cash from Riverview after one of the transfers. At the time of her arrest, Strasburg denied the charges.

Police Chief Bartkowski offers these tips for preventing identity theft: check your account regularly, report unauthorized activity immediately, and keep your personal information (Social Security number, password, date of birth) secure.


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