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By Lou Marzeles

Goldendale youth falls from cliff, struggles days to reach safety


YouCaring web site for Noah Messenger

OUTPOURING: The Goldendale community is contributing through YouCaring to raise funds for Noah Messenger. See story for details.

Displaying astonishing endurance and determination, Goldendale resident Noah Messenger, 18, survived a fall from a Maryhill cliff and, with his back and both legs broken, crawled using his hands for two days to get help.

The Klickitat County Sheriff 's Office (KCSO) was called when Messenger was finally spotted partially clothed in an orchard just south of Maryhill Winery.

"Deputy Jim Leininger arrived and was able to determine the subject was Noah Messenger," the KCSO report states. "Messenger explained to Deputy Leininger that on the evening of May 15, while walking along the cliffs of Maryhill Winery, he slipped and fell. It appeared Messenger had broken both legs and sustained significant injuries to his back. Messenger explained after he fell he tried to yell for help, but received no response."

Messenger spent two nights along the bluffs, then began crawling using only his arms down a steep hill to the orchard to get help. "While dragging himself a lot of his clothing fell off down the hill. Messenger was life-flighted to [OSHU]."

KCSO Chief Criminal Deputy Mike Kallio added, "I believe this is a story of a strong will to survive. What Messenger went through had to be extremely difficult. I would hope others who find themselves in a situation like he did step up when it's difficult and pick living."

A fund to help the Messenger family has been set up through the web site YouCaring. To make a donation, visit


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