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By Vernon D Graham Sr.

I thought Goldendale was better


I was born and raised in the Goldendale area but have never been ashamed of Goldendale until now.

I cannot believe what I read in this week’s paper about what happened to the Pastor of the United Methodist Church there. We were married in that Church in 1953 after going to high school in Goldendale.

I have worked with black people, both male and female, and have found them to be human beings along with the white people I have known.

When I read last year that a black woman pastor was going to be sent to your town, I wondered how she would be received, as I don't think there were any black people in Goldendale when I grew up there.

To be even rude to people because of something they have no control over makes no sense to me. I am sorry for her experience. I thought Goldendale was a better town than that.


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